Monday, April 26, 2010

5. Tor Conan #20, Conan the Indomitable part 3

After a long break from this, partly due to events outside of my control, aka a cup of coffee spilled on my copy of indomitable, I finally got around to ordering another copy. So will pickup where we left off, but try and cover a bit more ground this time.

Part 3 Chapters 4-8

Conan and Elashi, Still being Pursued by the Harskeel, Duck behind a waterfall in the cavern. The noise of which distracts the white creatures. They come across some one named Tull, who fell in a hole and has been living in the caverns ever since. He fills them in on the underground conflict between Katamy Rey and Chuntha. The minions of which are still hunting Conan and Elashi.

After a brief rest at Tull's smaller cavern, the three set off to find a way out of the cave. They reach a bat cave, and while they are trying to negotiate it are beset by all of the trackers, Wikkel the Cyclops and his shaggy whites, Deek the giant Worm and his cavern bats, The Harskeel and her/his bandits. It turns into a free for all, and Tull, Conan and Elashi decide to leg it and let the rest sort themselves out.

It dosen't take long however for the three competing groups to realize their prey has made a run for it and stop fighting. Wikkel and Deek decide to work together, though both secretly plot against the other. Conan, Elashi and Tull reach an underground sea, where they decide despite the pursuit, to do a little sport fishing.

Harskeel interrogates one of the white creatures he/she captured earlier, Katamay Rey and Chuntha are beginning to lose patience with the ineptitude of their minions, and Conan, and Tull build a raft out of the dead fish they caught. After embarking on the underground sea, they quickly reach the other side in their fish raft.

Chuntha and Katamay, now fully flustered by their minions decide they will intercede personally.. along with a small retinue of course.. and the luggage.. Deek, and Wikkel are trying to figure out how the trio of heroes got across the sea. Deciding to enlist the aid of some spiders to build them a conveyance across.