Monday, August 2, 2010

11. Bantam Conan #3, Conan: The Sword of Skelos, By Andrew J. Offutt, Part 1

From Hyborean Apocrypha

This is the last book in Andrew J. Offutt's Loosely Linked Trilogy of Novels.

After leaving the land of the unhappy queens, Conan has returned to Shadizar. His soul returned but that small issue of the Eye of Erlik is still with him. We find him in "The Desert", Shadizar's Equivilant of Arenjun's "The Maul". He is accosted by several men, one aiming to stab him, while another behind clubs him. This of course is a ruse, as Conan soon uncovers he was to be taken hostage and delivered to a certain Iranistani whom he now especially wishes to meet. So off he goes, with the surviving kidnapper to lead him.

At the Red Lion Tavern, Conan is to meet this Iranistani who would talk to him. The man had followed Conan's trail from Arenjun, where he had the fateful run in with Ajhinder the Iranistani Spy sent to steal the Eye from Hissar Zhul's house. The Spy who met his end from a pair of vipers. This other man is seeking still the same jewel, and he thinks Conan knows where to find it. And to prove that he is not playing in his demands, his trump card is played, five members of the city watch of Shadizar with intent to arrest Conan at the behest of the City of Arenjun!

So In the company of Khessak of Iranistan, it is farewell to Shadizar once more. Once more employed against his will and once more embroiled in some manner of shady dealings.

unbeknown to Conan however, vile Sorcery is brewing in Zamboula, a Satrap and his wizard have enchanted a sword to wield itself at the command of it's master. But to Finish the spell he must use it to slay a Girl, and he chooses the one sent as a gift by a tribe of nomads known as the Shanki. This will prove to have dire consequences for the Satrap of Zambhoula.. If only Isparana had succeeded in stealing the Eye of Erlik!

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