Sunday, December 5, 2010

14. Tor #1, Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan. part 3

part 3

The Bandits make their way into the mountains, after some days of travel Conan has managed to make himself useful and is now no longer treated as Cargo. They are following the same group of "Pilgrims" now too, Conan explained the nature of their cargo and the value of the items.. But the Zamoran Army isn't far behind. And there is an angry wizard on the loose as well.

The conversation between Karela and Conan is kept brief, business only, But she claims to have no knowledge of any missing caravans. This nearly turns into an argument but Conan's mouth can get him out of trouble with women as readily as into it. This leads to a period of indisposition to leaving Karela's tent. And it is during this time that Amanar receives what he has been waiting for.

His reptillian henchmen have finally returned from Shadizar, we learn that it was them all along who stole the items which Conan had been paid to acquire. And it was them who stole the slave girl, and it is them who has been raiding the caravans. Amanar taunts the girl a bit, and remarks on her cliche of the brave barbarian coming to save her.

Though before he can do this, Conan must extricate himself and Karela's bandits from other troubles. While camped in the mountains they come under attack from Hillmen, And then the Zamoran army. Discretion being the better part of valor, Conan and Karela opt to leave and let the hillmen and soldiers fight each other. During this retreat, one of Karelas men mentions having seen strange footprints. And that night while they are camped, Amanar's Reptoids attack.

part 4

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