Friday, June 18, 2010

7. Tor Conan #22 - Conan the Formidable by Steve Perry. Part 3

Sorry everyone for the delay, been recuperating from oral surgery and just haven't felt like inflicting any Steve perry on myself in my weakened condition.

Chapters 11 - 15

Conan however has never had to content with problems as mundane as those.. instead he gets a wagon load of slavers on his way to Shadizar to concern his time. Slavers who enchant and kidnap him, Conan finds the oddest aspect of this is that Thele and her two siblings are here too. He thinks to himself that his plans to reach Shadizar have been thwarted once again.

Both the Jatti and the Varg leaders are hatching plots to retrieve their respective offspring, It is only a matter of planning and information gathering. A task which both set about, one through old fashioned detective work and the other through the dispensation of coinage.

Dake is making his next move, planning to use Conan and set up an all-comers boxing promotion along the road towards Shadizar. Conan is not a perfectly willing member of this plan but as he is currently enchanted.. has little choice in the matter. They first plan to host a match in the village of Elika which is along the Ellitase River.

The scheme begins and Conan is pitted against the local Champion, this is not as easy as it at first appears and takes Conan some considerable effort to subdue to man. But subdue he does, and with the wagers collected Dake goes inside the wagon to rest up for the next days journey. Conan is left with only one thought, escape.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

7. Tor Conan #22 - Conan the Formidable by Steve Perry. Part 2

Chapters 6-10

Theyle is begining to have second thoughts when it comes to what she is increasingly viewing as Torture of small animals. While Dake and their newly acquired dwarf Vilken make their attack on the village of giants. They capture Theyle and some of the children giants, and burn a large bit of the village. The screams and roar of the flames receed behind them as they head down the trail, Giants to confused to offer chase.

During this confusion Conan succeeds in escapeing from his cage, upon his way out of the village he has an encounter with several other dwarves who have come to find Dake, and perhaps vilken too if they can. Giants, and then Dwarves. Plenty of odditiy in the Hyborian realm of Conan. Theyle is made to lead the children behind the cart at least to a spot where, deemed safe from pursuit, they may rest.

Reseri and the jatte finish subdueing the flames and then during a period of calm first realizes that Conan is missing and then that Theyle and the children are missing. He has the jatte summon the Hellhounds, bulldog like creatures with thick red mattes of fur. The release of this frightens off the Varg scouts who want nothing whatsoever to do with these creatures. Conan too can hear the call of the hellhounds afar off in the distance and it would bode ill were they to be on his trail.

The Hellhounds are hot on the trail of Conan, he makes his stand and slays them all. This is met with much satisfaction on behalf of the Varg. Deciding rightly that any warrior who can slay the hellhounds is one best left to his own devices. This is met with far less amusement by Reseri, almost as little as the cracked Cart wheel with which Dake must contend.