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14. Tor #1, Conan the Invincible by Robert Jordan.

From Hyborean Apocrypha

Part 1, Chapters 1-5

Once again we start our story with an Evil Magician. Amanar the Necromancer is currently plotting away deep within his fastness in the Eastern branch of the Kezankian Mts. He is currently wandering through his labyrinthine halls, followed loyally by his Saurian henchmen. His goal is an especially deep and dark chamber where he may undertake sacrifices to the loathsome demon-gods which he pays homage to in return for his powers. He has need of their protection, as he has betrayed the mysterious "Black Ring" and they are looking for revenge.

In Shadizar, Conan is having a bit of a tiff with his current doxie. While he argues with the tavern trull, the Landlord begins telling him the latest gossip. Another caravan has been attacked it seems, somewhere between Zamora and Turan. Allegedly its the work of a mysterious bandit known as the Red Hawk. This seems a bit too much for the Barbarian to think about, he's short on coin himself and needs a big score.. But an Easy score. After this he interrupts several Iranistanis from accosting a girl in the tavern, but she offers him no thanks for the help.

Girl rescued, and wine cup in hand, Conan goes back to thinking, he decides that if he were to rob the King of Zamora.. it wouldn't actually be theft.. after all wasn't it he, Conan, who freed the King from his belittled station under the Wizard Yara's thumb? Though he's sure the King will not see it this way, after all the King has no idea it was Conan who toppled the secretive Tower of the Elephant. Lost in thought, Conan is approached by a man claiming to be a merchant. This merchant wants to contract Conan to steal some amulets which were recently given to the King of Zamora by Yildiz, King of Turan. Conan at first hesitates, since this could jeopardize his own plans.. but the mysterious man offers him 10,000 gold pieces and that’s to great of an offer to refuse.

Unbeknown to Conan this man is an agent of the Black Ring and needs these amulets in order to gain his revenge against Amanar the Necromancer. Not that it would likely bother the Barbarian over much, as he is now under obligations to get them one way or another. He may be a thief but Conan always follows through on his bargains, so he makes his preparations to break into the King's palace.

Just a few days later, he scales the palace walls, but thinking he would be entering an empty room is discovered nearly immediately by a slave who was in hiding. Conan offers to take this girl with him in exchange for her silence. But during the attempt something goes seriously wrong, Conan is discovered and he has to fight his way past a guard. He disposes of the body but then mysterious things occur and he wakes up back in the Tavern.

Splitting headache from a hangover, the landlord informs him of the theft at the Palace, Conan protests his innocence and the Landlord quips about how Conan was so drunk the night before he couldn't have robbed a blind man let alone the palace. After doing some checking, Conan discovers the slave girl, Amulets and all are on their way east in a caravan. He has two bargains to keep, one to the merchant and another to the slave girl. So off to the east he heads.

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the story so far.

Alright, so we have now followed Conan from his captivity in Hyperborea south through Brythunia, Corinthia and into Zamora, and along his many meanderings into the southern reaches of Turan, or Turanian controlled territory.. Before he winds up back in Shadizar. His route is anything but circuitous and it is in many ways repetitive. It was already such with just the Andrew J. Offutt pastiches, it became especially so with the addition of the Tor Pastiches. But here goes, after having read the first dozen Conan stories in the William Galen Grey Continuity. I've come to at least one firm conclusion, Conan the Hunter does not belong this early in his career. It is disruptive, and no explination is made for what happened to Conan's traveling companions from "Defiant" who then re-appear in the very next Steve Perry book. I've got a suspicion of a place for it, where it should work better, but I'm not 100% certain yet. Other than that, if you read perhaps a bit more into the stories, you do see that they more or less can be made to follow a relatively strict coherency. Albeit with several large holes in it where there is mo material available, the most glaring of these holes is how Conan wound up in Arenjun for "Tower of the Elephant" after having arrived in Shadizar at the end of "Formidable"

Robert Jordan's Chronology includes his adaption of "Conan the Destroyer" between "Sword of Skelos" and "Magnificent" but I feel this is preposterous as it's definitely a sequel to "Conan the Barbarian"... Though it might fit fairly decently if he didn't moan about Valeria all the time in it. Since there is no Valeria present in any of the stories we have read so far.. It dosen't make much sense to include it.

So as far as the dis-inclusion of the two movie adaptions, I'm still firmly in favor of that. I've read one continuity at least where they attempted to break "Conan the barbarian' up by chapters and force it to fit around the rest of the books.. but then you run into the problem of a disappearing/re-appearing Subetai. I think that doing something like that is trying too hard.. I don't even like breaking up Queen of the Black Coast in order to fit in Conan the Rebel.

After I've finished up the remainder of the Shadizar centric stories, (Invincible, Halls of the Dead) And Conan is on his way westwards.. I'm going to scoot back to the beginning and read "Conan of Venerium" and "Conan the Bold" and see if I can find any comfortable way to add them to the continuity.

I've also begun to work on a new Hyborian Map. I'm doing this mainly because all the existing ones are lacking in some way or another for my needs. So I'm going to include a small picture of my prototype map. It will eventually be a black and white line map in PNG format, but for now you have to settle for a small .GIF which I've scrawled Conan's journeys up to this point on.

From Hyborean Apocrypha

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13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 5

Chapters 17-20, Epilogue, and Review

With the hunting party decimated and Jondra missing. After attempting to organize the scattered remnants into some sort of order, Conan leaves Tamira in hiding while he goes to look for his erstwhile lover and employer. His plans are to collect Jondra, double back and pick up the rest of the group then high tail it back to the safety of Shadizar.

Jondra is herself in no small measure of trouble, She is completely ill equipped to be on her own in the wilderness. So it's some good fortune on her part that it isn't long before she is found by Eldran, the Brythunian who she had patronized and sent away after his earlier offers of help. He is willing to let bygones be bygones and agrees to help her again. This time she takes his offer. But it isn't long before the would be rescuer is laid flat by Hillmen and Jondra is finally within there grasp.

Finding the unconscious Brythunian sometime later Conan has the events explained to him. So it's now even more important he find Jondra. Soon recovered, Him and Eldran and several other Brythunians set off to find her. This will come none too soon to suit Jondra, as now that she is captive of Basraken Ismalla, and he now has the Eyes of Fire. It is time for the calling forth of the True Gods.

With the Eyes they will obey him, but before he can complete the ritual, Conan and the Brythunians attack the village where she is held captive. During the attack the ritual is completed and the true god comes forth as it was bidden by Basraken. It begins laying waste to the enemies of the hillmen, though rather indiscriminately. Between Eldran and Conan they manage to finally slay the beast with Eldran's magic sword, just as the Zamoran army tops the ridge and comes into view of the village. With the women safe, Basraken and the hillmen scattered and the dragon slain, its time to return to Shadizar. Something which is becoming a trend with the mighty Cimmerian.

Review: Well this was the first of the Robert Jordan penned Conan books I've read. And I must say I'm impressed by it. He is no Robert E. Howard.. but he certainly the best of the Tor Pastiche Writers and certainly better than DeCamp and Carter. It is interesting to see certain aspects of his which show in this volume and also re-appear in his magnum opus "Wheel of Time" series. Over all I went through this in just a few days, as compared to the huge slog I went through with the Perry and Carpenter volumes. Though I could be giving Carpenter a short shrift based on only one book, especially since he seemed to have the action where it was based on trying to bridge the gap between Sword of Skelos and Magnificent. To add a point C between Zamboula and Shadizar, it's just a shame that it was mostly boring.

Locations, Zamoran side of the west branch of the Kezanikan mts.
Towns, Shadizar
Characters: Conan, Jondra, Tamira, Eldran, Basraken Ismalla
Languages Spoken: Cimmerian, Aesir, Hyperborean, Brythunian, Zamorian, Kothic, Turanian, Shemitish.

Up Next is another from Robert Jordan and also the very first of the Tor volumes, Conan the Invincible.

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13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 4

Chapters 12-16

The following day, Conan is attempting to put the camp back into some sort of order. Tempers are flaring, not least of all from Jondra. Shortly afterwards the camp is visited by a representative of the Zamoran Army, a General Zanthinides, who beyond insisting that the Lady Jondra return to Shadizar he be allowed to escort her. Clearly he feels this will endear him to her. But as with most men she firmly rebukes him, especially after his patronizing attitude towards her hunting abilities.

Later that afternoon, Conan is alerted to a muffled scream. The Scene which unfolds is of Zanthinides struggling to undo his clothing so that he might proceed to rape the Lady Jondra. Conan unceremoniously deposits him on his backside in the middle of the camp. Zanthinides directs all manner of vitriol at the doughty Cimmerian, and boasts of his political power in Shadizar. This is cut short when Jondra reminds the good general what the punishment is for the rape of a noble in Zamora.

After this incident Jondra demands that Conan prepare the camp to move, deeper into the mountains. She still has the aim of bagging her Dragon, and Zanthinides patronizing attitude has only furthered her resolve to do this.

Basraken Ismalla has grown exceedingly angered over the lack of progress on his mission. His various henchmen all having failed to acquire the eyes of fire for him. Afraid of angering the true gods, and angering the other tribes who are allied with him he decides to show his prowess as leader. Picking a fight with a rival chieftain he swiftly slays the other man thus keeping his position of importance. From now on he intends to personally oversee all the efforts of procuring the magic rubies.

After several more days of drudgery in the mountains, Lady Jondras party begin to come across more signs of the dragon. The Huntsmaster and Conan confer and decide it would probably be best not to venture any further into the valley. But not long after Lady Jondra refusing this sensible advice the party is attacked by the Dragon. Very few survive and in the confusion Jondra runs into the hills. Things have definitely gone from bad to worse.

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13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 3

Chapters 8-11

On the Brythunian slopes of the Kezankian mountains, a village is slowly recovering from the shock of its own destruction. A man named Eldran is approaching this ruined village, his village. The village of course has been the victim of the Dragon, the True God of the upper tribes. It is explained to him by the village seer that it is his duty to take the magical sword and slay the beast, for no one else can.

Now finding himself in the service of Lady Jondra, Conan and the party are slowly making their way deeper into the mountains. He wonders perhaps what exactly Jondra is hear to hunt? The big horn sheep? It's not long however before both Conan and the Huntsmaster notice the two toed tracks of the Dragon. Answering his own question, Conan realizes this must be the beast she seeks.

Trouble begins to brew between the huntsmaster and Conan, the trouble comes to a head when Conan is challenged to a game of spear casting. the best cast wins. Conan wins. So impressed by his cast, lady Jondra offers herself to him as his prize. His new status elevates him above the rest of the party, and his problems with them largely cease.

It isn't long before the group encounters Eldran, making his own way through the mountains hunting the beast. This meeting is not exactly cordial, Jondra refusing to listen to Eldrans entreaties of how dangerous the beast is, and then rebuking Conan for not pummeling Eldran for his disagreeing with her. This evening, having received word of their coming, the Kezankians attack the party as it sleeps, and were it not for the presence of the wary barbarian would surely have slaughtered them all.

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13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 2

Chapters 4-7

Like most large cities, Shadizar has its own collection of nobles. Numbered among them is a Lady Jondra, who having seen Conan about town has some what become taken with him. But she will have no man who can not best her in sport. Hunting, spear casting, archery, and she enjoys showing up the men who try. The more who try and fail, the more she thinks of the brawny youth from the market place.

Tamira is now working another angle, Lady Jondra's maidservant. What purpose she is doing this we don't yet know, but it assuredly can't be anything good. Perhaps Conan will find out? Right now he is back at the tavern entertaining a girl. But his revels are interrupted by a very peeved spice merchant who is still waiting on his emerald cup. The two go to talk in private, and the talk does not go well for the merchant. After this, Conan makes preparations to leave Shadizar for a while. Just as he is walking out the door however his spies bring him word on Tamira's current job. So Conan sets off to follow Lady Jondra.

Earlier, one of Conan's spies had pointed out the suspicious comings and goings of a group of Kezankians, and again he runs into them. They too are apparently seeking Lady Jondra, he has little time to waste. After several days, and several times crossing and recrossing large numbers of tracks belonging to groups of booted men.

After another lengthy of time Conan spies a lone rider, at the mercy of a pack of wolves who have dispatched the riders horse. But luckily for the rider Conan has some experience when it comes to dispatching wolves, and makes short work of them. The Rider of course turns out to be the Lady Jondra, who had purposefully separated from her hunting party and then been beset by the wolves. Conan follows her back to her camp, and quickly begins to come to enjoy a spot at the top of the totem pole.

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13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan

From Hyborean Apocrypha
After a delay to get over my boredom from the Leonard Carpenter one, I'm back with the first Robert Jordan Conan book that I've ever read. Like a lot of Fantasy fans, I've read his enormous Wheel of Time series. I liked it all right, but there weren't a shortage of moments when I didn't feel an injection of Conan couldn't have helped..

So hope you enjoyed the two reviews for Conan the Adventurer, I plan to finish the series eventually. so there will be more to come.

Prologue and chapters 1-3

Among the high places of the Kezankian mountains running between Zamora and Brythunia, dark rituals are being presided over by Basraken Ismalla. Human sacrifice, and other blood letting is the order of the day, for only the deaths of infidels will please his dark god. The true God. And all he lacks to make the world see its error and repent are the legendary Eyes of Fire.

It's nighttime in Shadizar, not a safe place for the unprepared to wander. But Conan is anything but, after his months long journey through the desert he has at last made it to Shadizar, the City of the Wicked. During the long periods of boring travel, he has gotten himself indebted to a spice merchant after some unlucky runs of dice, and is tasked with stealing an emerald cup as repayment.

Unfortunately for Conan another thief has beat him to the treasure house, she is there to steal a different item. but her interference nearly gets Conan captured by the guards. With a mighty bellow of CROM! he fights his way free and escapes. Without the emerald cup
however he won't get out of debt.. so nursing a grudge, he returns to his dive bar of choice.

No satisfaction from the tavern wenches doesn’t improve his mood, and the Tavern keeper is unable to tell him anything about the female thief who cost him his economic freedom. Conan waits till the morning then visits another source who may know more. He eventually finds the thief, but she doesn’t make it easy for him. After a bit of back and forth she leaves him once more balked.

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Conan the Adventurer, Episode 2

From Hyborean Apocrypha

Conan: The Adventurer - Episode 2, The Heart of the Elephant part 2

Episode Two opens with Conan and Otli are sitting beside a river having a theological discussion about the nature of Crom's attitude towards testing as a form of caring. Just as the debate is heating up, a woman attacks and kicks Conan into the river. Her troops then arrive and take Otli and Conan prisoner.. Conan winds up in her bed, but then rebukes her and gets dressed. We learn the woman's name is Carella, Queen of Thieves. She's curious as to where Conan is headed, to which he answers to find the Wizard Yara, Carella too wishes to find Yara, to steal his magic Jewel. This Jewel is the Heart of the Elephant, to which this two parter gets its name. Conan replies that he is not interested in the jewel, only in rescuing Tamira. After calling him foolish for this quest, she offers herself to Conan once more, but he replies he only wants to collect Otli and get going.

Zzeben and Vulkar are still following Conan, They come across some of the survivors from Tamiras Village who are likewise looking for Conan. Hoping he will lead them to fight back against Hissar Zhul, They go with the survivors. The Farmers wish to attack a passing band of Zhul's troops, and Zzeben and Vulkar organize them to do it right. Meanwhile Otli and Conan have made it to Arenjun to find Yara. Before Conan enters the wizard's lair, Otli urges caution and Conan remarks"wizards can die". Shortly after Conan finds Tamira, but is captured by Yara. Yara imprisons Tamira in a mirror and tasks with an errand or he will keep her imprisoned forever. The Task is to retrieve his Jewel, the Heart of the elephant, Stolen by the creature which guards the tower.

Otli and Conan begin investigating the problem placed before them by Yara, and run into Carella again. Conan and Carella make a bargain, she gets all of the other stones, but Conan gets to return the Heart of the Elephant to Yara in exchange for Tamira's life. Venturing into the chamber with the Heart alone, Conan discovers it is guarded by a giant spider. Conan fights with it for a while, but quickly subdues it and makes his way deeper into the tower and discovers a large creature sitting on a throne. It relates to him how it taught Yara but he wanted all the power.

The large creature tells Conan that the stone was never Yara's but was his, and that Yara has been attempting to steal it for decades.. It tells Conan to kill it, and squeeze its heart's blood over the gem before taking it to Yara. It also tells Conan to deliver a message, That Yag-Kosha sends one last gift. The Task completed, the Jewel secured, Conan returns to Yara's Keep.

Unbeknown to Conan, General Goroth takes Tamira from yara and stabs her. Conan hands over the gem, and demands to know where Tamira is. Yara explains about Goroth and takes the gem, Conan says the words from Yag-Kosha and Yara is destroyed. He races to where Tamria is, where he has a few moments before she dies. And then the hunt for Goroth is on. Goroth returns to report to Hissar Zhul, that he has slain Tamira and called off the search for Conan. Zhul at first is furious, until Goroth explains that now out of Vengeance, Conan will come to him.

Conan and Otli meet Zzeben and Vulkar on the road to find Hissar Zhul. They relate how they have been gathering villagers and others tired of living under Zhul's rule. Conan speechifies a bit in order to motivate the villagers to follow him against Zhul for Revenge or Freedom. Along the way Conan and the Villagers join forces with Carellas thieves and bandits. And the Makeshift army marches against Hissar Zhul. Upon arrival this army is observed by Goroth, who plans to ambush them.

But Conan has already laid his own ambush and dispatches Goroth's Army ending by drowning Goroth. The Magic skull which Zhul converses with informs him that the battle went badly, and also that Conan is heading towards Zhul's castle soon. The skull suggests also that the better part of valor is discretion and that they should flee before he arrives. As the army arrives, Zhul's castle vanishes. Conan, Otli, Zzeben, and Vulkar set off to find Hissar Zhul and so the arc of the next twenty episodes is established.

Stories "Borrowed from" - "The Tower of the Elephant", Conan The Mercenary, and Conan and the Sorcerer

This episode is not even close to being bad, atleast until after the death of Tamira.. Zzeben and Vulkar, Otli and Carella are all decent enough characters but seeing Conan blubbering about Tamira. It was ridiculous when Milius had Swarzegnegger do it in the movie.. but at least Valeria was something special.. In the context of the film.. Tamira is just a farm girl who Conan only met a few days previously who's father was Mickey Rooney! It seems rather strange he would be so enthralled to her already..

Still the second act of the episode was an improvement over both the first episode and the first half of the second episode. Though its shaping up to be better than some of the Steve Perry novels anyway.. at least in so far.. there are no talking animals.. be thankful for small blessings I suppose.

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Conan the Adventurer, Episode 1

From Hyborean Apocrypha

Conan: The Adventurer - (1997)

"After the oceans swallowed Atlantis but before the age of recorded history. Kingdom's spread across the ancient world.. This was the age of Conan. Enslaved as a Boy, Conan grew into a Warrior. He Escaped to encounter Mystery, magic and Myth, while forever encountering the ultimate master of sorcery. Lover, Friend, Hero. His Destiny, was to free the oppressed, And become a King by his own hand, Conan"

This is the third Conan Television series, following 1992's Conan the Adventurer and 1994's Conan and the Young Warriors. However it is the only live action series. It ran for 22 episodes. This show dosen't follow 1982's Conan the Barbarian, 1985's Conan the Destroyer or 1987's Red Sonja.

Conan: The Adventurer - Episode 1, The Heart of the Elephant part 1 (1997)

"Thousands of years ago, long after the oceans drank the gleaming city of Atlantis, There was an age undreamed of, when mythical kingdoms spread across the uncharted world like mantles beneath the stars. The Hyborian age, a time of superstition and myth. When sorcerers cast evil spells and fantastic creatures stalked the earth. A time when many were ruled by few. In this world lived an adventurer destined to be its king. A man in whose veins flowed the ancient blood of Atlantis, He is a Cimmerian, born on the Battlefield, strengthened by time and trial, He.. Is Conan"

So the Narrator informs us at the beginning of this episode, just before a man who is obviously a King wakes up. We are informed via his interrogation of a dodgy special effects skull beast thing that this is a recurring dream of his impending death at the hands of Conan. The man with this recurring dream is the so called King of Cimmeria, Hissar Zhul. He is especially concerned to acquire the Sword which Conan carries. His skull like adviser, recommends sending an army to capture Conan and the sword before he can fulfill his destiny of overthrowing Hissar Zhul. Zhul dispatches his Adviser Yara, his mistreated sidekick Otli and the great General Goroth to capture Conan.

Unbeknown to Conan (Ralph Moeller), who has just finished a hunt, Conan is accosted by a girl, Tamira, who begs off half his kill for her starving Village. While she is distracting him, some other villagers steal the rest of the kill. She then offers to prepare Conan a meal. A guest at his own meal he says. Dinner over, Gobe (Mickey Rooney) the village elder and Conan converse, Hissar Zhul we learn, rules all the lands from Shem to Cimmeria, and was responsible for raiding Conan's Village and kidnapping him as a child.

The army that Hissar Zhul sent, attacks the village but is repulsed by Conan but vow to return. Two day's later they do return and raze the village entirely to the ground. Capturing the girl and Conan, Yara lies to Goroth that the Barbarian they captured is not Conan and proceeds to sell him to a gladiatorial arena. This would make the second time in Conan's life which he is a Gladiator.

While awaiting his first day as a gladiator he comes to know, Zzeben the Mute and Vulkar, two other gladiators, imploring them to rise up against their captors and be free men. The Following day Conan faces Vulkar in the ring and they stage their escape along with Zzeben. In the woods, the three escaped gladiators plan to rescue Tamira, but not knowing where she is aren't sure how to go about it. They are then approached by Otli, who promises to guide Conan to her in exchange for Conan's help in him becoming a free man. Otli and Conan set off alone, but Zzeben silently implores Vulkar to follow them anyway.

Otli and Conan set off, and Conan quickly feels the urge to climb a hill. Otli says there's no reason to, but Conan goes anyway, where he finds a crypt and retrieves the Sword which Hissar Zhul saw in his dreams. The creature which formerly owned the sword objects to Conan's grave robbing and attacks. Conan defeats the creature, Otli says this is exactly why he didn't want to go in the cave.. why he hates caves in fact.. but Conan says he had to, was drawn to the cave by some force, The sword begins to glow, and we encounter Crom (Richard Burton*) who is unlike any other version of Crom.. in that he seems to be a caring and all around nice sort of chap for a disembodied floating head. He explains his grand purpose for Conan, that the sword is a magic sword from Atlantis which its conan's destiny to use to right wrongs in the world.

Next: Episode 2 The Heart of the Elephant part 2

*The image of Crom's face is reused stock footage of Burton, who died nearly 14 years before this program was made, I don't know who provided the voice.

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...The Longest Fantasy Series?

After finding a link to a very interesting thread in which a courageous internet delver is attempting to make a list of the longest fantasy series in the world. I noticed that a certain mighty barbarian stood atop the pile... But something didn't quite look right. The number of books seemed much too low.. it was in fact nearly 14 short of the total number of Conan books.. and a further 15 short of having all the "Hyborean Apocrypha" included.

So I set out to rectify this.

According to my count, the 66 Conan titles published by various companies over nearly 40 years which comprise the loosely interconnected "Journeys of Conan" as it seems to be called total up to some 16000+ pages.. putting it well past the second closest, Discworld by nearly 3000 pages.

When one adds in the Hyborian age outriggers, Red Sonja and Age of Conan.. It balloons even further, to nearly 22,000 pages total.

So after researching everything, I present the following list with # of pages according to the editions which I own and/or can reference on Amazon.

#1 Lancer/Ace #1 Conan 221 pages
#2 Lancer/Ace #2 Conan of Cimmeria 190 pages
#3 Lancer/Ace #3 Conan the Freebooter 223 pages
#4 Lancer/Ace #4 Conan the Wanderer 222 pages
#5 Lancer/Ace #5 Conan the Adventurer 224 pages
#6 Lancer/Ace #6 Conan the Buccaneer 191 pages
#7 Lancer/Ace #7 Conan the Warrior 222 pages
#8 Lancer/Ace #8 Conan the Usurper 256 pages
#9 Lancer/Ace #9 Conan the Conqueror 296 pages
#10 Lancer/Ace #10 Conan the Avenger 192 pages
#11 Lancer/Ace #11 Conan of Aquilonia 171 pages
#12 Lancer/Ace #12 Conan of the Isles 189 pages

Total # 2597 Pages

#13 Ace Conan and the Sorcerer 186 pages
#14 Ace Conan the Mercenary 187 pages
#15 Ace Conan and the Flame Knife 160 pages
#16 Ace Conan and the Treasure of Tranicos 191 pages

Total # 724 pages

#17 Ace/Bantam/Tor #13/#1/#47 Conan the Swordsman 256 pages
#18 Ace/Bantam/Tor #14/#2/#48 Conan the Liberator 256 pages
#19 Ace/Bantam/Tor #15/#3/#45 The Sword of Skelos 224 pages
#20 Ace/Bantam/Tor #16/#4/#43 Conan The Road of Kings 224 pages
#21 Ace/Bantam/Tor #17/#6/#44 Conan the Rebel 224 pages
#22 Ace/Bantam/Tor #18/#5/#49 Conan and the Spider God 256 pages
#23 Bantam #7 Conan the Barbarian 192 pages

Total # 1632 pages

#24 Tor #1 Conan the Invincible 288 pages
#25 Tor #2 Conan the Defender 288 pages
#26 Tor #3 Conan the Unconquered 288 pages
#27 Tor #4 Conan the Triumphant 320 pages
#28 Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent 288 pages
#29 Tor #6 Conan the Destroyer 288 pages
#30 Tor #7 Conan the Victorious 288 pages
#31 Tor #8 Conan the Valorous 288 pages
#32 Tor #9 Conan the Fearless 288 pages
#33 Tor #10 Conan the Renegade 288 pages
#34 Tor #11 Conan the Raider 288 pages
#35 Tor #12 Conan the Champion 288 pages
#36 Tor #13 Conan the Defiant 256 pages
#37 Tor #14 Conan the Marauder 228 pages
#38 Tor #15 Conan the Warlord 288 pages
#39 Tor #16 Conan the Valiant 288 pages
#40 Tor #17 Conan the Hero 288 pages
#41 Tor #18 Conan the Bold 288 pages
#42 Tor #19 Conan the Great 288 pages
#43 Tor #20 Conan the Indomitable 288 pages
#44 Tor #21 Conan the Freelance 288 pages
#45 Tor #22 Conan the Formidable 288 pages
#46 Tor #23 Conan the Guardian 288 pages
#47 Tor #24 Conan the Outcast 288 pages
#48 Tor #25 Conan the Rogue 320 pages
#49 Tor #26 Conan the Relentless 288 pages
#50 Tor #27 Conan the Savage 320 pages
#51 Tor #28 Conan of the Red Brotherhood 288 pages
#52 Tor #29 the Gods of the Mountain 288 pages
#53 Tor #30 the Treasure of Python 288 pages
#54 Tor #31 Conan the Hunter 256 pages
#55 Tor #32 Scourge of the Bloody Coast 256 pages
#56 Tor #33 Conan and the Manhunters 288 pages
#57 Tor #34 Conan at the Demon's Gate 288 pages
#58 Tor #35 Conan the Gladiator 288 pages
#59 Tor #36 Conan and the Amazon 288 pages
#60 Tor #37 Conan and the Mists of Doom 288 pages
#61 Tor #38 Conan and the Emerald Lotus 288 pages
#62 Tor #39 Conan and the Shaman's Curse 256 pages
#63 Tor #40 Conan, Lord of the Black River 288 pages
#64 Tor #41 Conan and The Grim Grey God 224 pages
#65 Tor #42 the Death Lord of Thanza 272 pages
#66 Tor #46 Conan of Venarium 272 pages

Total # 12196 pages

#67 Ace Red Sonja #1 246 pages
#68 Ace Red Sonja #2 224 pages
#69 Ace Red Sonja #3 183 pages
#70 Ace Red Sonja #4 217 pages
#71 Ace Red Sonja #5 200 pages
#72 Ace Red Sonja #6 199 pages

Total # 1269 Pages

#73 Ace Age of Conan #1 Legends of Kern #1 336 pages
#74 Ace Age of Conan #2 Legends of Kern #2 304 pages
#75 Ace Age of Conan #3 Legends of Kern #3 336 pages
#76 Ace Age of Conan #4 Heretics of Set #1 288 pages
#77 Ace Age of Conan #5 Heretics of Set #2 272 pages
#78 Ace Age of Conan #6 Heretics of Set #3 264 pages
#79 Ace Age of Conan #7 Soldiers Quest #1 304 pages
#80 Ace Age of Conan #8 Soldiers Quest #2 288 pages
#81 Ace Age of Conan #9 Soldiers Quest #3 288 pages
#82 Ace Age of Conan #10 Marauders #1 240 pages
#83 Ace Age of Conan #11 Marauders #2 240 pages
#84 Ace Age of Conan #12 Marauders #3 240 pages

Total # 3400 Pages

Grand Total # 21818 pages