Thursday, June 16, 2011

21. Tor Conan #3, Conan the unconquered by Robert Jordan, Part 2

Conan is now looking for an old friend of his, who may have a line on some "Work". He scours all the low end dives in Agraphur. After 7 bars his purse is begging to feel the effects of this venture even if his head isn't. Detective work is expensive in a city as corrupt as Agraphur.

Eventually he finds his friend dead, and under an obligation to fulfill the mans duties Conan agrees to go and retrieve something from the Cult of Doom. A girl. It's almost as if some force is pulling him into their path.

The men go to the tower of doom. After scouting the area out they make plans to attack during the night. What ensues is a pitched battle between three warriors and a gaggle of yellow clad monks. It's over quickly and they retrieve what they came for. Two girls who had been kidnapped by the cult. They then head back to the city.

Conan has one other matter to attend to. Another unfinished job on behalf of his friend. The return of a ruby necklace to the residence of Mundhar Khan, satrap of Agraphur appointed by King Yildiz. Conan takes a necklace to the Satrap's palace to retrieve the reward for it's return. Upon arrival he finds the man out of residence, but his wife remains. She offers the barbarian a greater reward than mere gold. At first he refuses but later changes his mind. It's not often you get the chance to bed the headman's woman.

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