Sunday, June 19, 2011

21. Tor Conan #3, Conan the unconquered by Robert Jordan, Part 3

Conan returns to the tavern after his night of revelry at the palace, he goes to check on the rescued girl. She's been under guard since their return the previous day. Conan left her under the watch of several associates while he went to return the necklace. Upon speaking to her he finds that though the associates have kept her safe, they also fed her paranoia with to much talk about his activities. This makes the girl even more reticent to speak to him. He goes back to the common room after a disappointing argument with her.

He rebukes his compatriots for their flapping gums, and then orders food for himself and the girl. While he is eating he is approached by a man who threatens him, this nearly leads to an altercation. Until Conan realizes it was a distraction while others kidnapped the girl from the upstairs of the tavern. The race is on yet again to rescue this girl. Third times a charm. He really shouldn't have helped the first time. Conan interrogates the man who approached him to find out where they are going. One of the Cult of Doom's bases on the Hyrkanian shore of the vilayet.

Conan goes to the docks and hires a vessel to take him to the other shore. It's a fairly perilous journey because of pirates. This Conan already knew, and it dosen't seem to bother him. The mistress of the vessel at first roundly dismisses Conan, but then comes around to his charms. Eventually agreeing to help him find the kidnapped girl. So Conan and the Captain formulate a plan on how to get the girl back.

They arrive at the rocky cliffs that make up part of the Hyrkanian shoreline, weighing anchor at night. The twinkling lights of the Cult's base shining in the distance. They plan to move on the fortress the following day, but this night the mistress has other plans for the strapping Barbarian.

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