Friday, July 1, 2011

24. Tor Conan #17, Conan the Hero by Leonard Carpenter, Part 1

After their escape from Meru, and their successful mission to deliver the princess to her betrothed. Conan and Juma have been put in charge of groups of soldiers in the jungle choked battlefields of far off Venjipoor. They are fighting the Hwong, a rebellious tribe who are aiming to dethrone the Khitai descended royal house of Venjipoor. The Hwong are lead by their Shaman Mojara, who at the moment Conan catches up to him, is just about to sacrifice a girl for some nefarious purpose. The Shaman escapes, but Conan rescues the girl, who is named Sariya.

Meanwhile in Agraphur, The Self important wizard Azhar is hurrying on his way to bring news from Venjipoor, recently scryed by the court seer, using a magic mirror (not kidding) to King Yildiz. It's important enough to interrupt the king's merrymaking. Progress has been made in the southern campaign and it's new standout soldier, a northern barbarian by the name of Conan.

Back in Venjipoor, Conan and Juma have returned to their encampment. As with most soldiers, they are bored and tired of waiting for the promised easy advancement. The hawknosed nobles who make up the bulk of the Turanian officers are so cowardly, they never get killed.. so how are there supposed to be any vacancies? Both men are somewhat depressed by their chances of promotion.

In Agraphur The King is informed of the latest happenings. This time they are not so positive. Certain inconsistencies have arisen with Turan's allies on who's behalf this war is being fought. It seems they are in league with members of Yildiz's court who wish to weaken his power both at home and abroad.

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