Thursday, July 7, 2011

24. Tor Conan #17, Conan the Hero by Leonard Carpenter, Part 4

Having escaped his would be assassins, Conan makes his way back to base. he feels he can trust Juma, and with him some measure of strength in numbers. While he is settling back into his routine he is summoned by a superior officer. Apparently the man has been given orders to bring Conan to Agraphur, so that the King may bestow upon the Barbarian a great honor. Conan though suspicious of this, agrees to go.

Due to recent events, Conan goes into it assuming it is another trap. He proceeds with caution and tells Juma of his concerns. Orders are orders however and the two set off. They will return to Agraphur in the most expedient manner, so that King Yildiz himself may pin the bauble to Conan's Turban. However when Conan approaches the Shariff to secure passage to Agraphur, he is informed that these new orders have not fully filtered through the system and therefore Conan cannot leave. Instead he is to lead a patrol out into an exceptionally dangerous part of the jungle hunting for rebels.

As ordered Conan marches his men out on this quixotic crusade. They are soon ambushed by a numerically superior force, easily outnumbering them by more than 10 to 1. After a very tough fight, Conan once more turns the battle in Turan's favour. Though in order to do so he once more misses the chance to kill Mojira.

The Shariff is unmistakeably displeased that yet again the Barbarian has survived. He still harbours a grudge against him for escaping punishment weeks back. Regardless though, he now has no choice but to allow Conan and Juma to go west to Agraphur. So the two men set off on the multi-week journey.

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