Monday, February 15, 2010

3. Tor Conan #13, Conan the Defiant, Part 3

chapters 10-14

Events begin unfolding at a very quick pace in chapter 10, Skeer's cover is blown but he dosen't know hes being followed by the preists of the spider god. It seems a new party is involved in the hunt for the talisman. We are finally treated to the over too soon Zombie Vs Barbarian showdown that was previously hinted, and learn that in addition to his many other skills.. Conan prefers his women with a little fight in them. While the Zombie fight was short, it is almost instantly followed by the Swordmaster hopeing to avenge his pride and the two dead monks on our Barbarian, but with Skeer escaping Conan chooses not to dawdle with Malo the Swordmaster and dispatches him quickly.

Our party now sets off once again on the trail of Skeer, Quickly coming to the conclusion that he's running in circles through the city. Our party of intrepid adventurers is distracted by the shout of a gaurd, the shout generated due to the thousand or so giant spiders hot on the trail of Skeer having just streamed past the poor man. Skeer of course escapes while this is going on. The group still intends to follow him, but they need horses and have no money, out of nescesity, Conan the theif is born. Money in hand, the team purchases horses and all the essentials for travel and depart the city during the night.

The story takes a bit of a skewing turn into the far outfeild, a night out from town and we are treated to a different sort of Barbarian Vs Zombie Action.. apparently Conan likes his women with a bit of fight in the them.. but a pulse isn't a priority.. Following this disturbing interlude the team is again hot on the trail of Skeer the footpad, hoping to find him before the scuttling mass of arachnids do.

Events are coming to a head now, Skeer, Conan and the crew, the Spider horde and the Shambling zombies have all gathered in a town just outside of Neg's Castle. All set for a battle royale I'm sure. Maybe we will find out in part 4 of my review/synopsis of Conan the Defiant.

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