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4. Tor Conan #31, Conan the Hunter, Part 1

From Hyborean Apocrypha

Conan the Hunter by Sean A. Moore. Part 1


The book opens with a very brief prologue in which We are shown whats left of a girl. The aftermath of a ritual sacrifice, performed by Azora the High Priestess. Who's goal is soon made clear, to be as powerful as the greatest Sorceress's of the Thurian Age.

Chapters 1-4

Still Stuck in Brythunia and still brandishing the Sword acquired in "The Thing in the Crypt" and the clothes acquired in "Conan the Defiant". We find Conan drinking and dicing in a Tavern known as the Pommel. He is approached by a Zamoran thief with a job offer. Having accepted he goes to gamble a bit. The Zamoran soon returns with the promised payment and the item pertaining to the job, Followed soon after by the City Guard. The Zamoran has set Conan up as the fall man, and turned him into the guard. The charge leveled is the theft of a bracelet belonging to a Princess. In the ensuing struggle Conan suffers a broken wrist. But makes good his escape after bludgeoning the Salvorus, the Guard captain senseless. He makes his way to his current doxy, Yvanna's dwelling where she hides him and then goes to find a healer to set his broken wrist.

Salvorus is berated by General Valatresca for allowing one Barbarian to escape him. He has a visit from Lamici, one of the King's minions, and expresses doubt that Conan is guilty based on Hassem's character. The visitor promises to find out the truth of the matter from Hassem, by any means. But Lamici has other plans as well, Usurping Eldram and replacing him with Valtresca. How he goes about this brings us back to the Preistess Azora. The Girl from the prologue was the Princess, Lamici
took the bracelet and gave it to Haseem to give to a likely fall man, Hassem sold it to Conan and that about brings us up to speed.

Conan awakes to the sound of a door opening, entering through the door is Madesus the Healer. Yvanna brought him to set Conan's wrist. In return for this service the healer requests a donation to the temple of Mitra, Conan finds his purse gone
so instead unwraps the Bracelet and is astonished by the priests reaction to it. Madesus intimates that the bracelet hints at the return of an ancient evil and that Hassem must be found at once.

Heading toward the palace after the healers declaration, Conan has another run in with the city guards. A brawl erupts and Conan begins dispatching the guardsmen, but one had run to get help which soon begins arriving. Conan breaks down the door to a warehouse, He lobs a few barrels of wine at the guardsmen and then disappears into the Pirogian sewers via a hidden trap door.

We are party to a bit of soul searching by King Eldran who laments the loss of his daughter, The Princess Elspeth. And contemplates deferring Kingship to General Valatresca, if only to assure the security of his people. After a few words with
his friend Khailash, Lamici enters and stirs the pot a bit in regards Conan and Salvorus's failure to capture him. That
evening King Eldran suffers a bout of pains and has a dream which features a dark haired barbarian and a gaping black maw'd sorceress, and Khailash fears that the King has been poisoned to his death.

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