Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bad news for you, Good news for me.

I seem to have some how lost my copy of Conan of Venarium by Harry Turtledove, I remember buying it from a library book sale for the whopping sum of .25cents (about all its worth btw) But its not on my shelf with all my other Tor Conans.. which makes sense as it was the Hardback copy.. the question is where did I put it.

So I've decided to go with the original WGG time line which didn't include CoV.. and will be reading the first couple of short stories tomorrow and reviewing them.

whenever I do actually find Conan of Venarium, I will review it, but if I cannot find it.. there is no way I'm spending money on another copy, so you will just have to be content without it.

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thingmaker said...

I do know enough to recognize a legendarily awful pastiche based on the words of others... And that's rather sad, as the idea of dealing with such a potentially wonderful story as Conan's first really big battle and his first contact with "civilization" is so promising.