Sunday, March 7, 2010

4. Tor Conan #31, Conan the Hunter, Part 3

Having tracked her to her lair, The Healer, Khailash, Conan set off to confront the Mutare Priestess. The Plan is simple, since no mortal blade can kill her, it's up to the healer to finish her off with a magic amulet. Though he does caution against using their true names, names apparently equal power when it comes to Thurian Age Magic.

After a few minor adventures they walk into Azora's Trap, set after Lamici had visited to alert her to the looming threat. Barely escaping the crew finds themselves in the Mutare's Alter room, though warned to watch where they step. Madesus speculates that the Priestess has escaped while they blundered about with her traps. And at the same time miles away at a Targolian fortress, the Priestess is finishing up her ritual to summon the demonlord, Skauraul master of the final secret she needs.

Out of the first mess, but still trapped in Azora's Alter Room, the group is confronted by a Demonlord. Not Skauraul but Belberorth, Apparently Azora has been a busy girl. Belberoth's power seems to lie in his voice, quickly turning Conan and Khailash against the healer. Meanwhile Azora is gaining assistance by a few of the Children of Zath, those Spiders again!

Our heroes are saved by the timely intervention of the God Targol, who banishes the Demonlord and sets the quest on its right path. The path leads them towards the deserts of Shem. But that requires supplies, so the group heads back to Pirogia.

King Eldran has improved enough to sit up and speak, He bids the group pick out what they will from the armory, horses, gold and supplies will be given them for the long journey ahead. And so they set off south to end the threat of Azora, the Mutare Preistess.

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