Friday, March 26, 2010

5. Tor Conan #20, Conan the Indomitable part 2

Part 2 Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3 introduces us to the antagonists of the story, The Wizard Katamay Rey and his minions, and the Witch Chuntha and her flunkys. They are apparently locked in a never ending struggle against one another and are both searching for the same thing. Surely no good can come of this for our Heros who are this very moment setting out from the Inn and not a moment to soon. A few hours after they left the village, the bandits and their hermaphrodite leader attack. Still looking for Conan and his blood in order to reverse their predicament.

Conan and Elashi are beset by a beast while on their southward journey through the mountains, Elashi inquires as to whether Conan has any gods to prey too, he answers in the negative. Crom, his god gives men a certain measure of strength and ability at birth and lets them have at it.. He is a harsh god of a Harsh land, though he could be little else. While they are busy yammering and dealing with the monster, Harskeel catches up to them. The Beast decides that the larger group is the bigger threat and attacks Harskeel and it's lackeys. Conan and Elashi make a run for it, determining they need to cover their trail better, when suddenly they walk into a sinkhole..

Finding themselves in a large cavern, and soon to be beset by a large number of shaggy white creatures. We learn that Katamay Rey's Cyclops Wikkel and the shaggy white creatures were responsible for the sinkhole. Fighting their way through the creatures Conan and Elashi make their escape. Meanwhile Chuntha and Katamey are still plotting and scryeing away, while their various and sundry minions converse with the denizens of the deep and bumble and bungle their way through many an attempt to achieve their masters assorted goals.

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