Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4. Tor Conan #31, Conan the Hunter, Part 4

Chapters 15-19

Kailash, Conan and Madesus are on their way to Innisfaln. Checking in at the local Inn hoping for some female companionship, both Conan and Kailash are disappointed. Shortly after their arrival Lamici arrives, just in time to witness the bar fight that Kailash and Conan are currently embroiled in. He uses it as an opportunity to cause mischief and stabs Madesus with a poisoned dagger. Kailash and Conan are both also injured, and before Conan can stop Lamici he runs off into the night.

The Next morning upon waking, Conan discovers Madesus is dead, and that Lamici has stolen his amulet.. the one hope of defeating Azora. Conan shows Kailash a scrap of blue silk and he realizes that the Assassin of the priest is Lamici, known for the last 150 pages to the reader but only now being discovered by the characters. Conan and Khailash visit a local priestess who aids them by telling them that Lamici has headed East. So East the duo set out, hunting new prey.

Lamici half blinded from looking at Madesus's amulet is contacted by Azora who gives him new instructions, to meet her at the fortress of Shan-e-Sorkh. Skaural has taken on new life, and while Azora is busy perusing some documents and imbibing in the fumes of the lotus he marches up to her penthouse in his fortress intent on claiming her as his bride.

A week later, Conan and Khailash are finally within half a league of catching Lamici. During a brief rest, conan has a visitation from a strange white haired apparition, who identifies himself as Denranasib of Pelishtia and who bears an amulet surprisingly similar to Madesus's. Conan realizes the man was nothing but a vision, Khailash slept through it and saw nothing. They continue on for the rest of the day hunting Lamici, and just as Conan is within darting distance to catch him and slay him, Sarkhul springs his trap. Iron spikes shoot out of the ground, one cuts Conan's leg and another spears Kailash through the foot. Before Lamici can escape, Conan tears one of the iron spikes from the ground and hurls it at him, the moment sending him clattering into the wall of the fortress.

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