Thursday, July 8, 2010

9. Ace illustrated Conan #1: Conan and the Sorcerer, part 1

From Hyborean Apocrypha

Still in Arenjun we find Conan, experiencing further successes as a Thief. He has bedecked himself in some new raiment, dispatching the remnants of clothing he has had through all his previous ventures.. all but the Sword he found.. And also rather ostentatiously buying himself a fancy Dagger.. He has decided to use some of his ill gotten gain to have a night out, out of the Maul and it's stinking cesspits that is.

He begins his festivities with a woman named Kiliya, He chats politely and tries not to let slip how accurate her guesses are about his real age (now 17) or when she infers he might have had something to do with the Collapse of the Elephant Tower. This conversation dosen't get to last long though as Kiliya's Boyfriend shows up.. who happens to be a captain of the City Watch.

This understandably causes a fracas, He's aided by a leather trouser'd easterner, makes good his escape and while it ruins his new tunic some good does come from it. For Conan overhears a pair of thieves discussing their plans to rob a sorcerer, one Hissar Zul. Their goal is the legendary Eye of Erlik, which they plan to return to their master in Zamboula.

Conan rightly assumes that this master will pay handsomely for the return of this gem.. all that he has to do is cut out the two errand runners and claim the reward for himself. He still has a few valuable tools left to him from his short collaboration with Tarsus too.. most important, more caution.

He slips into the compound of Hissar Zhul, quietly finding entrance into the building itself. He has only been inside for a short while before he encounters a pair of guards.. who shamble as if asleep... or are Zombies. They are pursuing a 3rd thief, the same one who had assisted him in the bar the night before. Conan feeling an obligation to return the favor opts to help him. Ajhindar of Iranistan, who is here to retrieve the Eye for his own King.

The two scrap a bit over who is going to acquire the Eye, but Ajhindar trips a boobytrap and is dispatched by an Asp, but tells Conan who to take the gem too, Kobad Shah. Conan free to claim his prize, or so he thinks, continues his search. He encounters the two thieves from earlier Isparana and Karamek. Conan dispatches Karamek and then falls prey to a second trap, while Isparana makes good her escape with the eye. Hissar Zhul later finds Conan still trapped, and making him a deal he cannot refuse.. the return of his Soul in exchange for returning the Eye of Erlik to him.. Conan sets off southwards on the trail of Isparana

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