Monday, July 12, 2010

9. Ace illustrated Conan #1: Conan and the Sorcerer, part 2

Racing the clock, the prize his very soul, Conan sets forth south on the trail of the Eye of Erlik. An unwilling errand if ever there was, but one of the greatest import. Two days south of Arenjun, he reaches an oasis. These two days have given him time to think, that perhaps thievery is rather too perilous a past time for one such as he. During the evening at this Oasis Conan is beset upon by several northward bound persons of Zamboulan persuasion. He fends them off, all the while ruing his entrapment which cost him not only his immortal soul but also the stabbing point of his sword which he broke in Hissar Zhul's house. This attempt at brigandage nets the Zamboulans a dire toll, their lives.

The next morning, Conan, broken sword and all set off south again. Now however he has the spoils gained from the nights encounter. Among the spoils are several obstinate camels, which he vows to reclaim on his return north. Encountering a patrol of Turanian soldiers he describes his battle at the oasis, They are sympathetic towards his plight with the camels and also have recently encountered Conan's quarry. They lastly offer him a job as a soldier in Turan, this is something Conan will need to ponder however.

Unfortunate customs duties require the soldiers to waylay Conan some what, they offer him the route of a shortcut to make up for the delay, but this way is fraught with peril. Conan not being a cowardly sort, opts to take his chances anyway. Not long on this road however Conan encounters the source of the Turanians hesitance. A Sand-Lich who we learn is the cursed brother of Hissar Zul. This being explains the history of what brought him to his sorry state.. but Conan quickly realizes he is no innocent. He agrees to slay Hissar Zhul(as if he weren't going to all ready) and the Lich lets him pass through.

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