Saturday, November 13, 2010

13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 2

Chapters 4-7

Like most large cities, Shadizar has its own collection of nobles. Numbered among them is a Lady Jondra, who having seen Conan about town has some what become taken with him. But she will have no man who can not best her in sport. Hunting, spear casting, archery, and she enjoys showing up the men who try. The more who try and fail, the more she thinks of the brawny youth from the market place.

Tamira is now working another angle, Lady Jondra's maidservant. What purpose she is doing this we don't yet know, but it assuredly can't be anything good. Perhaps Conan will find out? Right now he is back at the tavern entertaining a girl. But his revels are interrupted by a very peeved spice merchant who is still waiting on his emerald cup. The two go to talk in private, and the talk does not go well for the merchant. After this, Conan makes preparations to leave Shadizar for a while. Just as he is walking out the door however his spies bring him word on Tamira's current job. So Conan sets off to follow Lady Jondra.

Earlier, one of Conan's spies had pointed out the suspicious comings and goings of a group of Kezankians, and again he runs into them. They too are apparently seeking Lady Jondra, he has little time to waste. After several days, and several times crossing and recrossing large numbers of tracks belonging to groups of booted men.

After another lengthy of time Conan spies a lone rider, at the mercy of a pack of wolves who have dispatched the riders horse. But luckily for the rider Conan has some experience when it comes to dispatching wolves, and makes short work of them. The Rider of course turns out to be the Lady Jondra, who had purposefully separated from her hunting party and then been beset by the wolves. Conan follows her back to her camp, and quickly begins to come to enjoy a spot at the top of the totem pole.

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