Wednesday, November 17, 2010

13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 4

Chapters 12-16

The following day, Conan is attempting to put the camp back into some sort of order. Tempers are flaring, not least of all from Jondra. Shortly afterwards the camp is visited by a representative of the Zamoran Army, a General Zanthinides, who beyond insisting that the Lady Jondra return to Shadizar he be allowed to escort her. Clearly he feels this will endear him to her. But as with most men she firmly rebukes him, especially after his patronizing attitude towards her hunting abilities.

Later that afternoon, Conan is alerted to a muffled scream. The Scene which unfolds is of Zanthinides struggling to undo his clothing so that he might proceed to rape the Lady Jondra. Conan unceremoniously deposits him on his backside in the middle of the camp. Zanthinides directs all manner of vitriol at the doughty Cimmerian, and boasts of his political power in Shadizar. This is cut short when Jondra reminds the good general what the punishment is for the rape of a noble in Zamora.

After this incident Jondra demands that Conan prepare the camp to move, deeper into the mountains. She still has the aim of bagging her Dragon, and Zanthinides patronizing attitude has only furthered her resolve to do this.

Basraken Ismalla has grown exceedingly angered over the lack of progress on his mission. His various henchmen all having failed to acquire the eyes of fire for him. Afraid of angering the true gods, and angering the other tribes who are allied with him he decides to show his prowess as leader. Picking a fight with a rival chieftain he swiftly slays the other man thus keeping his position of importance. From now on he intends to personally oversee all the efforts of procuring the magic rubies.

After several more days of drudgery in the mountains, Lady Jondras party begin to come across more signs of the dragon. The Huntsmaster and Conan confer and decide it would probably be best not to venture any further into the valley. But not long after Lady Jondra refusing this sensible advice the party is attacked by the Dragon. Very few survive and in the confusion Jondra runs into the hills. Things have definitely gone from bad to worse.

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