Monday, November 15, 2010

13. Tor #5 Conan the Magnificent by Robert Jordan part 3

Chapters 8-11

On the Brythunian slopes of the Kezankian mountains, a village is slowly recovering from the shock of its own destruction. A man named Eldran is approaching this ruined village, his village. The village of course has been the victim of the Dragon, the True God of the upper tribes. It is explained to him by the village seer that it is his duty to take the magical sword and slay the beast, for no one else can.

Now finding himself in the service of Lady Jondra, Conan and the party are slowly making their way deeper into the mountains. He wonders perhaps what exactly Jondra is hear to hunt? The big horn sheep? It's not long however before both Conan and the Huntsmaster notice the two toed tracks of the Dragon. Answering his own question, Conan realizes this must be the beast she seeks.

Trouble begins to brew between the huntsmaster and Conan, the trouble comes to a head when Conan is challenged to a game of spear casting. the best cast wins. Conan wins. So impressed by his cast, lady Jondra offers herself to him as his prize. His new status elevates him above the rest of the party, and his problems with them largely cease.

It isn't long before the group encounters Eldran, making his own way through the mountains hunting the beast. This meeting is not exactly cordial, Jondra refusing to listen to Eldrans entreaties of how dangerous the beast is, and then rebuking Conan for not pummeling Eldran for his disagreeing with her. This evening, having received word of their coming, the Kezankians attack the party as it sleeps, and were it not for the presence of the wary barbarian would surely have slaughtered them all.

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