Friday, March 4, 2011

16. Tor Conan #9, Conan the Fearless by Steve Perry, part 2

Chapters 5-8

Squaring off in the middle of the market, Conan faces the Demon over the fate of the child. The game could go either way at several times, Conan keeps over thinking his actions and it costs him precious time. But with a sudden lunge of the demon Conan hews down with all his strength and severs the Demon's hand from it's body. The Demon instantly dissipates back to where it came, and Conan then sets off to find the girls family. Finding her old sister, he is related a tale of kidnapping, but when he trys to find out more he feels a sudden feeling upon his heel, looking he sees it is a Salamander working some magic upon him. Then he sees the source, Vitarus the Wizard, but before Conan can skewer him the girl stops him, She will tell her tale.. but not here.

Instead the troupe head to the Inn, Where in Conan finds the full breadth of the tale. The parts which the girls cannot fill in, Vitarus does. Vitaruus explains to Conan about his master Hogistrum: Grey Square, and of his abilities with both white and black magic. He tells how Hogistrum created 4 children who each possesed the power of an element, and how thanks to Conan who had saved Elida, the Fire Child The dark plans of Sovartes could not continue. Elida begs Conan to save her siblings, but he brushes off her entreaties saying that he is pressed for time and must make haste to Nemedia. Vitarus pays for his drinks, and Conan stumps off to his room to sleep off the days cares.

His sleep however is troubled, cursed with the feeling of a dread approaching. Causing the hair on his neck to stand on end like a thunderstorm, he finally grows tired of this situation and heads back down to the common room. There he finds Elidas sister, herself weery from lack of sleep. She claims something had rattled her window and tryed to get into her room.. and it seems the dread feelings Conan felt were shared by her. He offers to have a look at her window, But she castes a cynical eye at him and says for him not to trouble himself, since he has such a pressing engagement in Nemedia to attend.

Vitarus rejoins them, and explains that the dread feeling was dark magic, and very nearly this time is when the Inn is attacked by another Demon. This then was the cause of the wind and the dread. It is battled off, but the group makes a run for it. Vitarus's knowledge of demons runs deep, but is it deep enough to counter the machinations of his enemy? Perhaps it would be made easier with a sturdy sword arm to back him up, and since the Demons have attacked him twice now, Conan feels some pay back is in order. So they set off, Wizards and Warriors, to fight the dark mage in his keep.

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