Wednesday, March 9, 2011

16. Tor Conan #9, Conan the Fearless by Steve Perry, part 3

chapters 9-13

Even though when we last left off, they were all for setting off to fight the dark lord.. for some reason in the next chapter we find Conan still in the city of Mornstadinos, still in his room at the inn, with neither the girl or her sister, or the mage to be seen.

Instead we get a new sub-story, A witch, Djuvala, the sister of the demon which Conan behanded previously is set on revenge, and aims to seduce the brawny youth herself. This is going well until some cutpurses burst into his room at the inn. He dispatches them but by the time he is finished the witch has gone.

Lovemaking denied, Conan sets out to make a bit of profit instead. He sets his sights perhaps too high and aims to loot the palace of a Corinthian senator. This however soon turns out to be too much for the Barbarian and he is captured and knocked out. He awakens once to find Djuvala standing next to the Senator, what sort of treachery is this?

It dosen't take long for Conan to realize he's been set up, and he begins to formulate an escape. This goes as well as can be expected and he gets his chance to make a break for it. None too soon either as Djuvala has gone to informed her brother that she has captured his quarry and he may do as he wishes.

Running naked through Mornstadinos Conan happens on Vitarius and the two girls, he recommends they leave as soon as he gets some new clothes and a new sword and make all haste towards their destination.

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