Friday, March 18, 2011

18. Tor Conan #15, Conan the Warlord by Leonard Carpenter, part 2

Chapters 5-7

As we return to the story, Conan is being lectured on the proper etiquette of society in Nemedia. Instructed as to the function of the hierarchy and the station and role of each member of society. It is a very regimented society. Same way it appeared in "The God in the Bowl", Some members of the society are Hard Cases.. but the tutor assigned to Conan does seem to want to help the surly Barbarian to thrive in his new job. So it is regimented, but not without compassion.

After this, Conan follows the baron into a tomb. Not knowing what the man is up too, he dosen't make his presence known. He clearly dosen't trust the man, but assumes his actions are simply some sort of ancestor worship and leaves it at that. He goes back to his rooms afterwords and rests up. Probably a good thing as well, since his tutor promised a thorough examination after he had been caught napping in class.

The following day, Conan is outfitted with armour and goes about his other new duties, he visits the serving girl who he has befriended during his meal, and then goes for a bout of drinking with the man he is to impersonate. This goes fairly well and ends on a friendly note. Though this won't last as later that evening Conan interrupts Favian whipping the serving girl. He of course intervenes and only through his actions and those of the Baron's daughter is the life of Ludya the wench spared. She's to be sent home instead, back to her people in the Vareikial marshes.

That settled, however unfairly, Conan accepts its outcome. The girl is alive, and he adds to the grudge he is beginning to build against the bratty lordling. He goes back to the blacksmith and picks up his new chain mail armor and new helmet. Newly bedecked he goes to mingle and is approached by several of Favian's cronies. They assume he is Favian but his surly demeanor leads them to suspect he's been drinking a bit too much. Conan also begins to suspect there is foul play afoot in the castle and has these suspicions confirmed when that night at supper some one is poisoned. The plot grows thicker.

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