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Conan The Adventurer, Episode 4 / 22

From Hyborean Apocrypha

Episode 4, Heir Apparent.

Having escaped from the lair of the beastmen, Vulkar, Otli, Zzeben and Conan are still heading south, they've crossed the mountains and are now following the coast. They are hanging out in a fishing village, not having any luck, news comes to them that Hissah Zhul has created a one eyed monster who eats all the fish. So naturally, Conan and the crew agree to help. Vulkar is also planning to leave the group soon and return to his homeland.

Meanwhile there are intrigues afoot in Hissah Zhul's Palace. he plans to have the Wizard Acktel deal with the Barbarian. Also One of his serving girls is conspiring with Acktel for some purposes. She is having her assistant Tambal taken from her and is displeased. Acktel leaves the palace to ride to the coast and meet with Conan. He claims that he works for a Queen Vitta, and that he merely serves her. The two part ways each distrusting the other's motives for dealing with the one eye'd monster.

We find out what is the special purpose of Tambal. Acktel plans to sacrifice her to appease the monster. Conan fights his way towards the girl but is too late to stop Acktel from summoning a (very poorly rendered) Cthuhloid monstrosity from the deeps. He manages to save the girl though, and the pieces fall into place that Acktel is working with Hissah Zhul (this would have been better had the audience not found this out already).

They take the girl and head inland looking for the Queen, who apparently hasn't been seen in a long time. Hissah Zhul has put a curse on her so she cannot leave a magical realm or act on her people's behalf. They inform her that her protege Acktel is working for Zhul. So she agrees to help them while they are in her realm. She takes them to a room filled with magical weapons to aid them in their quest to slay Acktel and defeat Hissah Zhul. She decides to leave with them, even though by breaking Hissah Zhul's enchantment it will cause her to slowly wither. This is reported back to Hissah Zhul by the Skull that talks.

Conan and the group begin their attack on Hissah Zhul's forces in Queen Vitta's Land. This is done to buy her some time to get the fish back. While the battle rages the queen begins to age visibly. Acktel intercedes at the last moment and attacks the Queen and summons the sea monster again. Conan throws Acktel to the monster and then fends it off. Acktel dead, Conan takes the queen back to her enchanted realm. On their way they are ambushed, and the queen slain. But not before she reveals that Tambal is her daughter so the royal line will be continued.

With a new Queen wielding the magic staff in the land, the fish returned, Adventure Over, Vulkar departs the group and returns to his village while the rest carry on their fight against Hissah Zhul.

- This episode is actually #22 based on its original airdate. However, chronologically it's the last episode with Vulkar and is set before the introduction of a new character. So the DVD corrects this flaw and puts it following #3, Lair of the Beastmen.


David J. West said...

#22? If I had watched the original airdate with any amount of diligence (I barely watched any way back when) I know I would have been confused.

Lagomorph Rex said...

I Imagine it was a case of it being produced as #4, but simply not airing. This sort of thing happens all the time with TV Series. They probably opted to move onto #5 in order to introduce Bayu who would be in the remaining episodes.