Tuesday, May 17, 2011

20. Tor Conan # 7, Conan the Victorious by Robert Jordan. Part 4

chapters 13 - 18

Conan has wasted no time in making acquaintances on the caravan journey. He is enjoying the company of several of these when he is approached by a man who is in the employ of Naipal. Naipal who is tired of the Barbarian ruining his plans. Naipal who wants the Barbarian and his compatriots dead. Conan is explaining to one of these acquaintances that when it comes to wizards and demons, they aren't truly as thick as fleas on a dog.. He simply has bad luck in the matter. This I would say is something of an understatement.

Later that night Naipal's underlings put his demand into action. They lay a trap for the Cimmerian but only manage to slay several of his fellow smugglers. Conan himself winkles out the trap and dosen't make himself easy to find. He manages to escape several close calls and wait out the night. The next day he regroups with whats left of the smugglers and goes back to his Khitan employer. Revenge will be meted out now, against the two men responsible, but for now he must bide his time.

Following the failures of his underlings to slay the barbarian. Naipal is thrown into a fit of rage which leads him to brashly take oaths with a demon in order to find out where the Caravan will rest. The Barbarian is getting too close. To close to ruining his plans. He cannot accept the risk of Conan making it to vendhya lest all his plans come to naught. He will try his own luck and set a trap of his own for the Barbarian.

The stage is being set for the showdown. The Caravan has just rolled into town. The town which Naipal has laid his traps. The Great city of Gwandikian. Larger than Sultanapoor and Agraphur combined. Sprawling out along the valley floor on the far slopes of the Himeylian mountains.


Charles Gramlich said...

The word Lagomorph brought me in, I learned in grad school that rabbits are not rodents but lagomorphs. Then the Hyborian connection brought me here. I see you are apparently another Howard fan. Me too. In fact, I'm wondering if you are someone I know under a different name.

Lagomorph Rex said...

Welcome aboard, Sorry it takes me so long to update these reviews sometimes.

I took the name because of the Minorcan Giant Lagomorph or "Nuralagus Rex".

As to the other, that would depend on where you think you know me from. I did briefly post on the Official Conan forums for a while, and also on SFF World's forums. But I've since ceased doing that. I found I don't enjoy having to defend every statement I make, so I stick to blogs instead.