Thursday, May 26, 2011

Conan the Villain?

First let me say, I've never heard of this guy before. The only reason I came across this, it is because it was on the TOR website.

In regards to Conan, Willingham was being coy on the genesis of the villains in Mysterly River. (Villains that panel interviewer Heidi MacDonald of The Beat called, “truly chilling.”) Without giving too much away about the plot of the book, Willingham explained that the idea for the Mysterly River villains came from watching the Conan television show. Here was a barbarian—all muscle and anima and reaction in his movie appearances—who was now actively seeking out problems in order to rectify them. Willingham compared that to what he spoke of as the true essence of a villain: someone who thinks they know the best way to do something, and wants to enforce it on everyone around them. While Conan didn’t seem villainous, Willingham recognized how short a stone’s throw that approach was to the villains in Mysterly River.

So Apparently, Conan in "Conan the Adventurer" is actually not such a good guy after all.. even though he goes around helping people. Because Helping People is apparently the stuff of wretchedness and villainy. I'm not really sure I follow his reasoning. The story of "Adventurer" is not connected to the movies.. so it's really unfair to compare Arnold's Conan to Ralf's Conan. It's not even fair to come Arnold's Conan The Barbarian, to Arnold's Conan The Destroyer, or Arnold's Lord Kalidor. All of them are vaguely similar characters, ostensibly all are supposed to be the same character.. even if thats barely supported in the scripts.

I'm guessing he is trying to make a point about "The Road to hell being paved in good intentions" which is something I've remarked on that is ripe for vast tracts of exposition on in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. Having some one who "Thinks they know whats best" come in and re-arrange the furniture to their liking. Thing is, sometimes some people do know whats best regardless of what the masses think. This kind of smacks of anti-elitism. "How dare those WHO workers come in and tell us we should dig our cesspits downstream from the drinking water! Who do they think they are?!"

Or being that I'm only 5 episodes into Conan the Adventurer maybe I just am missing something, but I have a really hard time seeing Ralf Moeller as a villain. He certainly never came across that way in Gladiator, or even The Viking Sagas.

I could see the man getting this impression of Conan, if say he'd only read "Vale of Lost Women". But Certainly not from the TV Series..

It seems kind of an odd thing to say really.

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M. D. Jackson said...

Maybe Willingham should stop watching TV when he's stoned.

Did I say that out loud?