Sunday, May 16, 2010

5. Tor Conan #20, Conan the Indomitable part 6

Chapters 17-21

Talking Bats, Talking Worms, Talking Spiders and Hermaphroditic bandit Leaders.. not to mention an evil dark lord or two all stand between Conan and the Witches Chamber full of Gems. Conan's Plan was Simple, and I see no reason to blather on about it. Naturally Elashi has her doubts, but whats a snarky shrew character for except to harp about stuff the Man does.. Conan takes a moment to remind the reader, of the Giant Fish.. The Dreaded Fishboat of my nightmares.. which only was finally dispatched 20 pages previously.. obviously Steve Perry had ideas on turning Conan the Indomitable into a Multi-Tome Epic.. but then thought better of it and abridged it heavily.. Part of me is still wondering what exactly Lalo has been doing this whole time, Part of me thinks there is a story But thus far we have been spared hearing it.

Though with typical brevity, the group slashes their way through the denizens of the underground caverns and finds the Witches Trove, Several large worms tree Conan and Tull, but instead of attacking ask Conan to Come down.. He dosen't but instead showers them with boulders, crushing two of them. It is very interesting they speak a variation of the Language of the Hyperboreans. It makes sense even that Conan can speak it, what with having been a slave in Hyperborea, It yet again shows how much Perry drew from DeCamp and Carter's "Legion of the Dead" and "The thing in the Crypt". Why is it that Pastiche writers seem to build on other pastiche writers instead of on the original author?

After pilfering some jewels and beating an escape just as Wikkel and Deek show up to inspect the dead worms. Strange voices begin to haunt Conan as they go through the tunnels, apparently converting his own arm chair psychoanalysis of his companions into aural hallucinations. But upon reflection this made no sense to Conan. You are not alone my friend, as it makes no sense to me either.

The Pot boils over, The Harskeel and the Bats catch up to the Barbarian crew. A terrible fight, Conan looks sure to be slain, the harskeel begins to chant the spell which combined with Conan's blood will surely make one, two again. But just as they have achieved their goal, they run afoul of Katamay Rey.. and wind up as stinking puddles of ooze.

Conan Recovers from the minor blood loss, but begins to hear the voices again.. then he sees her.. Chuntha the Witch.. enchanting him to be her lover, never mind her last one didn't even survive and Hour. While he is enthralled to the Witch, Tull, Lalo and Elashi run into Katamay Rey. He seems to recognize Lalo from some where, and insinuates that he has a Brother Mombaya Rey with a penchant for curses like the one lalo Suffers from. Things do not bode well for our Heroes.


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