Sunday, May 30, 2010

7. Tor Conan #22 - Conan the Formidable by Steve Perry. Part 1

Chapters 1-5

After encountering all manner of men and beasts, sorcerers, sages, monks and madmen, and a veritable menagerie of non human characters, the resourceful Cimmerian at last steps foot onto the Zamoran Plateau. He reflects on what an odd journey it has been thus far, the road level, his sandals in good shape, he hopes to make up for lost time on his road to Shadizar. But Alas, a peaceful journey is not in the cards for Conan.

Not more than a few days along his road, he is accosted by a group of bandits who wish any coin or valuables he has, and that the Six of them will be enough to force his hand. Conan reckons that they are six now, but that things change. And the fight is on, quickly becoming a route. When at the last, a huge spear buries itself in one of the bandits, and Conan looks up astounded to see, GIANTS!, Three of them.

These are friendly giants however, and one named Theyle promptly invites him back to her village, conveniently located along the road to Shadizar. Conan reckons Shadizar has waited this long.. surely another day or two wouldn't hurt. Teyle explains to Conan about their enemies, the Varg, and about their history as a people. Upon arriving in the Giant's village Conan begins to worry however due to some curious usage of language. Just as he is become convinced of something untoward, he is decked and knocked unconscious by Theyle.

Trouble unlooked for is also on its way to the giant's village. Dake and Kreg's traveling oddities are looking to acquire a Giant and a Varg or two. They need them for interbreeding purposes, since they already have a Wolfman and a Catgirl. This traveling menagerie enters the southern reaches of the swamp and finds its way to a Varg Village and succeeds in capturing one of the stunty mottled green creatures.

Raseri wakes Conan up, apologizes for the treatment, explains that no they do not plan to eat him. But they fancy themselves to be natural philosophers, and wish to know more about Conan. Theyle apologizes again for her trickery, but Conan isn't really in the mood to listen at the moment. Once left alone, he sets himself to the task of gaining his freedom. However, the hope of escape turns out to be nothing more than an illusion, a test of Conan's resourcefulness administered by Raseri.

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