Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6. Tor Conan #21, Conan the Free lance - Part 4

Chapters 16-20

The Tree-folk and Conan climb the walls of the village, and interrogate a few curious bystanders. They learn that the Selkies had been their, but hadn't been seen since a large creature attacked. During their entrance into the village over a side palisade, they are observed by Thayla and her cohort. She feels it necessary to dispatch Conan lest he should run into her husband. Both sides however are too late as Kleg and the swineherd are hiding in the village, Kleg bargains with the man who had found the seed over the location of it. The man of course does not know, but before Kleg can dispatch him it becomes apparent that the village is on fire. All of the parties, Tree-folk and Pili and Selkies make a run for it to avoid the burning.

Dimma, observing this conflagration from his tower shows some concern in regards his servant Kleg. Not however for his well being in so much as if he is going to manage to bring the seed back unharmed. The two fleeing groups commandeer boats to get across the lake and away from the flames, while Kleg along with the recently recovered talisman begins to swim his way across the selfsame lake.

While on the lake, Conan expresses sympathy that the Tree-folk's talisman couldn't have survived the conflagration. But Cheen expresses her knowledge that it hasn't, but is in fact below them in the lake. The Hunt still on, Conan rows towards the further shore. Thayla stumbles upon Rayk and embrace, then set out to find the selkie who has the talisman. Likewise do Conan and the tree-folk set about their journey to Dimma's Castle.

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